You might wonder why the blog has the layout it does -I mean it's a TTWD blog right?
Well, here's the reason; my other blog is about me, Brutus, our relationship and TTWD in general. From time to time it involves kink and can be readily described in quite some detail.
However this blog isn't about that. This blog is a purely "theoretic" blog. Of course my own relationship will be brought up, but it will be to bring forth my experiences and my views, not to tell about myself and my life.
Here I want to bring up subjects around TTWD, things that can be discussed, turned & twisted to look at it from different angles and points of view.
I want it to be a place for open reflection and discussion about anything and everything that has to do with this lifestyle.
Apart from Picture of the Day there won't be no explicit kink, all (if any) kink will be of a theoretical and factual nature -no personal stories.
And this is the reason for the blog not looking at all kinky. It's a place to chat, discuss and socialize -it's my own little mini-café of sorts.
I hope you will enjoy your stay here at Le Café Méchant! *LOL*

Best regards, melinda.
21/12/2011 06:49:44 am

Hi Melinda, I think this is a wonderful fabulous idea and i hope it takes off. Im away for a month now but when i get back im hoping to find a lot of discussions going - a great place to learn about ttwd :) great idea...way to go you :)
love and hugs kiwi xxx

21/12/2011 09:43:30 am

Thank you kiwi!

I hope so to :)
Enjoy your holidays -and don't get into trouble!

21/12/2011 11:48:40 am

Theory and coffee! I likes.


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