Last year I wrote about service and Christmas on my blog. I was very new to TTWD then, only 2 months in fact. I figured that Christmas could be a difficult time to serve your Dominant partner -with many having a big gathering and lots of family around them. I was soon corrected and I quickly understood why. With so much domesticity to be done it is perfect for a subbie to service, not only her Sir/Master/Dominant/Husband/insert your personal preference, but also all those people that are around that I thought would inhibit rather than promote the opportunity to show submission and serve.

How will you do this Christmas? Will you/Your submissive have any specific tasks to do or rules to follow? Have something reminding her that she is under Your rule, like maybe be wear unusually sexy/kinky underwear -or maybe none at all! Maybe if your gatherings are very formal she will be able to call You Sir without anyone batting an eye? Have on special jewelry that is/can act as a collar?

I know you all gonna be busy now but I would love to hear how you will do/did to maintain or even enhance the roles of your relationship.

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