Yesterday I asked Brutus to join me on this blog and He happily accepted. I'm delighted that He did, however I did express some concern of handing over control of "my pet" (I'm a bit OCDy about certain things, and to be honest -sorry to rat You out Sir!- Brutus is a bit....... internet-challenged? *lol* (I say that with a LOT of affection), so when He told me today that He'd tried to add a Picture of the Day pic but had to "abandon" it I kind of had to smile *lol* =)
"I hope I didn't mess up Your template" had me gulp a bit though =P
But the funny thing is I wasn't really worried at all, I actually felt completely calm. Why? Not so sure but I think some of it has to do with confidence. I have confidence in Him, and I have confidence in my own ability to fix it.

You want to know what the blog looked like when I came to check it? ^^

Here ya go then:
Brutus You know I love You don't you!? *mwah* But once You're back home, may I give You a tutorial (please)? Or is that topping from the bottom? ^^ 
But like it says up above; it's our place *Smiles*
OUR place  =) 
Doesn't that sound good? I think it does, so I'll say it again; 

Our place, this is our place.

(OK, I'm gonna stop now, I promise! *LOL*)

I realize that I've said that this blog is gonna be completely topical and well, so far it hasn't really has it? So I'm calling out for inspiration;

What would you like the first topic of discussion to be about?
Today I asked Brutus if He would like to co-edit this blog with me, and to my delight He said He would love to! I think this can be fun! (Although I have to admit I am a bit scared to render control of it! One thing handing over myself, a whole different thing rendering control of my pet! *lol*).

So from now on you'll see two sides of the same coin here, I hope it will make it all the better!
I'm honored You want to share this with me, thank You Sir! 

Please welcome my sweet Sadist & Sir - Brutus!