I like weights.
I like challenging myself in upping the weight, i like the instant gratification i feel having managed a station, especially if it's with more weight or added reps.
I like the treadmill too, although my breathing is so off, sometimes i think i'm gonna die after running a cpl hundred meters!

Do you prefer to exercise in or out of the gym?
When you try to achieve something it's good to have goals -manageable goals!

So if the final goal is a far reach, then break it up in pieces -no one would expect you to shove in the whole Big Mac in your gob in one go, so why try to do so when it comes to reversing the very same? (Pardon the analogy *lol*)

So, if you have set a goal for yourself to lose 15lb then split it into increments of 5lb. Losing 5lb three times is easier than losing 15lb at once -it's the same in the end, but the psychological factor of big vs small numbers is massive.

Every time you reach a part goal reward yourself!
No, i don't mean a slobfest!
Although having a "night-off" could be a treat, just be careful so you don't trip yourself up by kick-starting that sugar craving again!
Maybe buy yourself those jeans you really liked in the store? One size smaller ;)
Or a weekend at a spa.
Or why not buy some nice toys? *grins*

The important thing is that you recognize your achievement. That you have succeeded in what you set out to do.

Don't forget that there are more goals to reach though!

Just as it is easy to get discouraged if you forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments, it can be equally damning to become so pleased with yourself that you lose track of the end goal and start to get lax. And that is one slippery slope.

So, pat yourself on the back, have your reward, then it's time to get back on track. Maybe even on the track?

Formula is quite simple really:
effort-achievement-reward-     *repeat until end goal is reached*
After that the cycle repeats with an ending in maintenance  -yeah i thought i'd get the attention of a few ladies out there!! *LOL*

Until next time, take care of yourselves...

Question(s) of the Day:
How do you set your goals? Do you think they are realistic, and do you reward yourself when reaching them?


The Grand Opening 
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Now don't run a mile!

Unless you actually want to of course!
- then GREAT! -
but don't run a mile from me 

    What? Who? Where? How?

    Just creating a small Vanilla-corner over here -one that is beneficial for all parts of our lives, including the TTWD part of it.

    Oh and in here we're all EQUALS!

    No matter what role we usually find ourselves in, in here we're all just members of a "Gym", we just happen to be all kinky -hey! maybe it's a Kinky Gym?!
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    April 2012